Welcome to Sakartvelo Orienteering Club!
Our team organizes unique competitions and training for people of all ages and fitness levels in Tbilisi. Join us to explore the wonderful world of orienteering.
Welcome to Sakartvelo Orienteering Club!
Our team organizes unique competitions and training for people of all ages and fitness levels in Tbilisi. Join us to explore the wonderful world of orienteering.
Registration for the 3rd round of Tbilisi Orienteering Cup is open!


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Who We Are
Our team consists of professionals, active volunteers and enthusiasts, we are passionate and dedicated to making orienteering interesting and accessible to everyone.
The inaugural event with the help of Tbilisi Running Club took place with a group of 40 participants at the kids' park, situated in the lower part of the picturesque Lisi Lake forest.

Gradually, Peter’s organizing team expanded to five individuals, comprising both orienteers and runners. Just two months after Peter’s departure, Ian Sundqvist established the Sakartvelo Orienteering Club, giving rise to the Tbilisi Orienteering Cup, featuring eight stages.
The idea of hosting the first in the past seven years orienteering event in Tbilisi, Georgia, originated at the end of year 2022 with Peter Molloy, a member of the United Kingdom national orienteering team, while visiting Georgia. His initiative was welcomed and supported by the local community and Tbilisi Running Club in particular.
Our Story
Throughout 2023, Sakartvelo Orienteering Club successfully organized 18 orienteering events, including the celebrated World Orienteering Day, which attracted 94 competitors.

The season saw over 200 unique participants engaging in the events, with an average of 60 competitors per event. Additionally, six forest and city sprint maps, covering a combined area of 4 km², were created.


Calendar of Events
All the locations for our races are marked on the map below. Don't forget to check the meeting point in the last announcement posted prior to the race.

Follow us on social media for more updates and feel free to contact us via direct messages or email if you have any questions. See you on the races!
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